November 1, 2016

The migraine

  • Weight: 280
  • BP: 135/90

Dear Miss:

migrainehave you ever had a headache so bad you wanted to throw up?  Your boy did at 10:30 last night.  Your boy once had a bout of migraines about 10 years ago, they appeared in April of that year, and disappeared about 3 weeks later.  Even after going to several doctors, having an MRI and CAT scan, there still wasn’t any explanation about why it happened or what was causing it.  Just as quickly as it happened, it was gone, and your boy didn’t have another one until last night.

Your boy tried the different remedies that have worked in the past for headaches; painkillers, a hot shower (as hot as boy could stand it, and letting it pound on his head) but while that brought slight temporary relief, it just didn’t take away the pain sufficiently.  boy wasn’t even able to use his CPAP, as the pressure from the straps that went around his head made the pain even worse.  Consequently, your boy didn’t get very good sleep last night.

But, at least he did get about 5 hours of sleep.  Thankfully upon awakening this morning, the feeling of nausea was gone, and the pain had dissipated.  Back to the other things that were causing him pain, the area of his mouth where the teeth were extracted, and has been in pain ever since.

boy went to the dentist after work, and it was confirmed that; while the area is healing ok, there’s still a post operative infection that the amoxicillin isn’t taking care of, so boy was given a prescription for a stronger antibiotic, as well as told to return to the salt water rinses.  Something that your boy was thoroughly sick of, but if it helps in the long run, he’s all for it.  Just wants to get this behind him, even though there are going to be more visits to the dentist in the future.  (No, your boy isn’t thrilled about that…)

boy was very pleased with the treat that you rewarded him with this evening, and is looking forward to more treats of that variety in the future.  Tomorrow is another day, and boy, while being off from work, still has some things to do.  boy hopes you dream sweet and sleep deep.