October 27, 2016

Talking to yourself

  • Weight: 281
  • BP: 130/81

puppy has been writing in this journal now for a little over a month, but with little to no feedback, it’s hard sometimes to know that what he’s saying is getting through to the right one.  Sure, for a little while there was a lot of spam coming through, as one entry was found by someone and used as a link for spammers to try to get their advertisements pushed out somewhere…though in a space like this it wouldn’t mean a whole lot, but spammers don’t care about that.

For the most part, it feels like puppy is talking to himself.  Yes, there’s one comment from his Miss, but that was something that puppy posted himself.  So there’s been virtually no commentary from anyone.  So again it seems like an internal conversation that puppy is carrying on with himself.  A little like the probes that have been sent out by NASA.  The Voyager 1 & 2 probes have been traveling since 1977, and haven’t been transmitting data for the last couple of years, since there’s not sufficient power on board to send anything, not to mention since they’re long past transiting any planetary body, there’s not much to phone home about.  Still, they’re moving along at a good clip, and carry on board information so that anyone (or anything) that finds them can understand where they came from, and what life was like on the little blue orb that they originated from.

Sometimes it’s like being in an echo chamber.  Knowing that the message is getting out, but not sure what sort of impact it’s having.  Kind of like that.