October 26, 2016

Aches & Pains

  • Weight: 281
  • BP: 130/82

puppy is getting older, that’s the truth.  As he gets older, he notices things that hurt more and in different places, that have hurt in the past, but recur every now and again.  Over the years puppy has had problems with different parts of his body.  To name a few:

  • Right Wrist
  • Lower Back
  • Right Knee
  • Teeth (ongoing)
  • Ankles (both)

puppy has gone to different doctors, practitioners and so on over the years, but as he gets older, he’s noticing there are some pains that are more intense than others.  Lately, the ones that have been more noticeable are the right wrist, as it’s been bothering him over the last few weeks, and his right knee, which has been twinging a bit while walking, ascending stairs, and at work, when he has to stand on it while doing his job as well as lifting heavy boxes of meat etc.

puppy has never been one for taking pills every time there’s a malady, he’s a rough and tumble puppy, has been ever since he was little; so he doesn’t always take a pain pill when something hurts.  If it gets intense, sure he’ll medicate, but for the everyday ache and pain, it’s just something to overcome, adapt to and conquer.  puppy knows, as everyone else does, if things aren’t attended to (like teeth), eventually the pain will get worse, and something will have to be done, but puppy has been obstinate and quarrelsome most of his life as well…and has a bad habit of procrastination.  If something can be put off (like dental visits, phone calls) it will..until it becomes dire..then he’ll do it.  Miss has mentioned more than once that habit will be broken, but so far it hasn’t.  Time will tell what happens on that front.

puppy had his first meeting with the physical therapist today.  The fellow that runs the place seemed rather surprised at the restricted range of motion that puppy has in both arms, as if he’d never encountered it before.  Even so, he came up with some stretching exercises for puppy to work on, and the 45 minute session passed by relatively quickly.  puppy was given a blob of putty and a gripping exercise to do at home, in between visits to the therapist’s office.  Not sure if this is going to have the desired effect over the long term, but time will tell.  At least for the time being, puppy has met his deductible, so insurance will pay their share.  puppy would very much like to be rid of that particular malady.