October 25, 2016

Another visit to the dentist…

  • Weight: 282
  • BP: 130/81

puppy had an appointment with the dentist yesterday.  2 teeth that were broken needed to be removed, and puppy is not a big fan of the dentist to begin with.  Most of the day puppy spent dreading the appointment, and after work he went to the office and was seen after a few moments in the waiting room.  All in all it wasn’t a terrible visit, but after 3 shots of novocain in the gum, and one in the roof of his mouth, puppy wasn’t exactly in the best of moods.  The procedure went ok`ish.  Even though the dentist said the extractions were simple, in dentist (and billing) parlance; they didn’t exactly feel simple to puppy.  Yes, the novocain did it’s job, puppy’s gum and right side of his mouth were very numb, and puppy didn’t feel anything when the dentist was cracking one tooth loose, but now a day later (30 hours since the procedure) puppy’s gum is still hurting.  puppy doesn’t remember another time when he was taking pain meds this far removed from an extraction, but there have been so many of them, he might have missed remembering one or two.

Miss has been wonderful throughout.  Very supportive, helpful in many ways, and puppy is extremely grateful to her for just being there, and assisting her puppy.  She says thanks aren’t necessary, but puppy really thinks it is, and is saying so here, publicly.  Thank you very much Miss.

Tomorrow is puppy’s day off, but there are appointments to go to, puppy has to have his wrist eval’d at the physical therapist, and there are other things that need doing.  puppy’s day is going to be fairly full.  Good night all, puppy is going to rest his mouth..and hope the pain lessens overnight.