October 24, 2016

A change in the weather…

  • Weight: 283
  • BP: 131/85

October is rapidly aging, and will be giving way to November in a little more than a week.  What a unusual year it has been.  2016 has certainly been very atypical for a lot of reasons, certainly the plethora of celebrity deaths this year, in comparison to other years.  Yes, in other years celebrities, like all people die, are remembered, commemorated and so on, but this year, so many well known names have passed on, and are memorialized by many in the world.

Soon enough it will be time for snowfall, and winter .  Already the leaves are falling from the trees here in the Northeast, the colors are vibrant, but with each day that passes, more and more leaves are being seen on the ground, and fewer still on the trees that everyone enjoyed over the hot summer.  puppy thinks at least one of the neighbors has had their lawn mowed for the last time, granted they use a service and don’t do it themselves, so perhaps the service has put up their mowers for the year.  The neighbors on the other side are still mowing and trimming, just as puppy is, probably up to the last possible minute.  One thing that puppy is trying to accomplish this year is not allowing leaves to collect in the basement window wells, as they have in previous years.  It’s not always so simple to get the leaves back out once they’ve fallen into them, so covering them up will help a bit later on as puppy collects and deposits the leaves on the curb for the village to collect.  puppy hasn’t seen the vacuum truck out yet doing collections, but it can’t be long now for that to occur.  The latest he’s ever seen them doing it was close to Thanksgiving several years ago.  There are fewer trees now that deposit leaves into puppy’s yard, so it’s easier to get rid of them, just have to use the rake and the canvas tarp, to get most of them.

Too, puppy has to get the backyard ready for winter.  Removing the patio set in it’s entirety, breaking down the table, putting away the umbrella, placing the BBQ grill under the porch in the front yard and so on.  Certainly one thing puppy has to finish is getting the garage squared away for the car to be put in.  Last year he didn’t do it until almost December, and the car had been snowed on a few times before he actually finished that particular chore.  This year he’s vowed it’s going to be different.

Another thing puppy has been thinking/planning to do is get things a little less cluttered in the house.  Most of the rooms of the house look as if there was a bombing, things are strewn here and there, and there needs to be more than a little tidying, sorting and separating the wheat from the chaff, as it were.  Wintertime is a good period of time to accomplish that, as puppy doesn’t much go for snowball fights, or building snow forts in the backyard anymore.

Lots of plans, lots of thought, lots of will it ever get done?  Time will tell for sure.