October 23, 2016

Hi ho, hi ho….

  • Weight: 283
  • BP: 131/82

Another Sunday.  Another work week.  For puppy, weekends aren’t for resting, as he works in retail, so weekends are just part of the normal work week.  It’s always been that for him, since he’s been in the retail game for the last 30 years.  Gosh, it really seems like a long time when one says it like that, and one supposes that it is.  puppy doesn’t remember his first day of work for any of the three companies he’s worked for (two went bankrupt and no longer exist), but thinking back, he can certainly remember a lot of the good times (and sure…some of the bad too).

It certainly wasn’t how puppy expected life to go, but then again life never happens as one expects.  puppy does have a college degree (BA in European History [Marist ’87]) but was never able to make use of it due to personal circumstances. Getting into retail was supposed to be a ‘stop-gap’ measure, a way to earn money in the interim between looking after puppy’s parents, and getting out on his own.  Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way.  puppy often wonders what direction his life would have taken if he had started out in a different field.  Sure he was kinky, even way back then.  But he was not exactly hitting a certain direction, and he had other issues…

Work today wasn’t as bad as it had been the week before, or even the week before that.  With the weather changing significantly over the last few days (heavy rain and the temperatures have begun their downward march toward daily highs in the 50s instead of the 70s) there have been not quite as much business, and what business there is, is being geared towards a different clientele.  Sure there are people that are buying for the week, and buying staples, but fewer things like chicken thighs & drumsticks, more things like roasts and stew meat, although people buy ground meat year round fairly steadily.  Not so many people around here have their grills running all year, so the family BBQ is about a month in the past now.  Won’t be getting that sort of business again until May of next year.

puppy has a dentist appointment tomorrow that he’s dreading.  He’s having two teeth pulled, and one is supposed to be a problem, according to the dentist.  Add in the fact puppy wasn’t able to get the next day off to recuperate, so it’s going to be a problematic time starting tomorrow after work.  Hopefully things go smoothly at the dentist, there was one time puppy went to a dentist and in the middle of an extraction, the dentist incurred a problem, had to make an emergency appointment with an oral surgeon and puppy had to drive himself 20 miles with a mouth full of novocain and hoping that he didn’t get to the office before the pain killer evaporated.  puppy can still remember how much that hurt, and it’s one of the many reasons that he detests going to the dentist.  That will probably be something that will never go away for puppy.  No matter how many times he has to go.

Work wasn’t so bad today.  Time to relax, recuperate and get ready for tomorrow.