October 22, 2016

Not all experiments work out for the best

  • Weight: 283
  • BP: 130/84

puppy is the cook in the family.  Not the family that he’s going to eventually be with Miss and whoever else ends up being involved there, but with the family that he has now.  He and puppy’s wife.  When puppy and wife were dating, puppy was told that she wasn’t interested in cooking, and if they wished to eat, puppy was going to have to be doing the cooking.  Fortunately, puppy already had the basics of cooking under his belt.  Just needed to work on it over the years.  With the advent of the internet, as well as having puppy’s mother’s cookbooks and personal recipe box (as well as the contents of his mother’s kitchen) puppy has been faring well in the ensuing 30 years.

One thing that puppy doesn’t seem to do so well is scratch pizza.  He’s been trying to do it similar to a pizza place, and the experiments so far have been less than satisfactory.  The first time, puppy made his own pizza dough, used a store bought sauce, and pre-grated mozzarella.  puppy has a 13″ diameter pizza stone (round) that was purchased probably 15 years ago through Pampered Chef. It’s done it’s duty more than a few times with store bought pre-prepared pizzas, and even some frozen pizzas that puppy and wife didn’t wish to toss in the microwave.  This was pressed into service as well, instead of trying to use a sheet pan or some other conveyance to get the pizza cooked.  One thing that puppy doesn’t have is a pizza peel, though many have mentioned it’s unnecessary to have one, there’s ways around it.

The first time puppy tried, he used a large bamboo cutting board as his makeshift peel, and it didn’t work out as well as he’d hoped.  Either there was insufficient flour on the board, or the dough has sat too long, the dough ended up sticking too much to the board and when puppy was able to finally get it on the pizza stone, it was all bunched up and cooked unevenly.  Looked a lot like a lump with toppings every which way.  Call it a delicious failure..at least the homemade dough was pretty good!

puppy’s next foray was last night, using a store bought pizza dough that was frozen when it was bought a month or so ago.  puppy let it thaw in the refrigerator for about 12 hours, but when it came out of the bag, it was very wet, and had a crust on it.  puppy tried working the dough several times, but really wasn’t able to get a good circle out of it.  Too, since puppy didn’t have a peel again to work with, he opted to build the pizza in a 12″ pizza pan that he’s had for many years.  puppy cooked it according to the directions on the bag the dough came in, but it wasn’t very good when it all came out.  The toppings didn’t adhere very well to the dough, they slid off because puppy believes the dough wasn’t completely cooked through.  It was very chewy and seemed a bit underdone, even though puppy cooked it a bit longer than the recipe called for.  Good pepperoni, fairly good sauce, lots of mozzarella cheese and even some parmesan sprinkled over the top for good measure.  The dough did this pie in…and puppy thinks he’ll go back to homemade dough, it seems a little easier to work with.

One of the time honored tenets of cooking is, with mistakes, you can (mostly) eat them and be ok with it.  Not necessarily with this foray. Live and learn, at least puppy knows enough not to do this again.