October 21, 2016

Pain, in the key of ouch

  • Weight: 283
  • BP: 132/80

puppy went to see his GP today for his quarterly checkup.  puppy doesn’t normally have anything unusual to speak to his doctor about, except for this time puppy has been afflicted with recurring pain in his right wrist, which he made mention of the last time he visited, back in July.  At that time, the doctor suggested puppy get a brace for his wrist, so that he could wear it while he slept, and if the pain was above an annoyance, take Motrin or Aleve, 6 or 2 tablets, whatever helped the pain that puppy was experiencing.  The doctor suggested that the pain would eventually go away on it’s own.

Regrettably, that’s not been the case.  Over the last three months, the pain has recurred, and it’s been happening at work as well as at home, and it has puppy (and his Miss) concerned.  So much so that puppy has been using the brace more often at home, but hadn’t tried using it at work, as it restricts somewhat the range of motion (which isn’t great to begin with) and would become a detriment more than it would a adequate benefit.

Consequently, puppy made mention of it to his doctor, and after a few moments of bending puppy’s wrist this way and that, and asking pointed questions, the doctor again suggested puppy using the brace at work, and taking the Motrin or Aleve for the requisite pain.  In addition, the doctor wrote a prescription for evaluation from a physical therapist, and puppy has an appointment this coming week for that to happen.

Hopefully, it’s something that’s not going to be an ongoing problem, it can be attended to, strengthened, or dealt with permanently, as puppy would not wish to have to start looking for another job that’s less physically strenuous, in order to keep him from having his arm in a cast or something worse still.

puppy will be keeping Miss apprised of what goes on, so she can stay on top of this as well.  It’s not going to be an easy fix, but puppy is hopeful it’s not going to be really bad.