October 20, 2016

Keep on the sunny side

  • Weight: 281
  • BP: 130/82

puppy is generally a good natured puppy, he doesn’t get down about much of anything.  Sure there are days that are better than others, and there are days when he gets a little down.  There have been times when puppy has been clinically depressed, he took medication for awhile, but it never seemed to do what it claimed it should, and he discontinued it on his own after several months.

Spending 10 plus years without being able to find someone to share a BDSM experience with was definitely a non-thrilling escapade, but BDSM isn’t the easiest thing to broach with some people, and when one lives in a rural setting, sometimes it’s better to keep things close to home.  That and there was very little in this area back then that might have been considered a kinky community, at least that puppy was aware of.  Some of the larger urban areas to the south of puppy, there were presences, but if one goes back 10-15 years, there wasn’t as much of an internet much less understanding of what kink was, that it was ‘ok’ for the most part, and that there wasn’t a stigma attached to it.

In the last 4 years, puppy has made forays into the local scene, has gone to several munches with varying amounts of success (and some less so), discovered play parties and even a quasi-local dungeon that was around for awhile, but eventually closed.  There’s another that’s about an hour to the east, but without someone active to play with, to puppy it’s like being able to see in but not participate.  puppy is most definitely not a voyeur, so going requires taking time off, driving there and then sitting around and watching others have fun.  Thanks, but no thanks.

To wit, for the foreseeable future, puppy is placing his faith, his effort and his time into what he is attempting to build with his Miss.  It’s a slow process, because it has to be, not necessarily because either puppy or his Miss wish it to be.  There are current responsibilities that need to be addressed and adhered to, and that’s no small issue.  One just doesn’t drop everything that has been constructed and go running off at the drop of a dime.  Yes, some people would be ok with that, but puppy is not and he believes he would lose the respect of his Miss if he chose that very cowardly way out.

“Keep on the sunny side, always on the sunny side…keep on the sunny side of life…”