October 19, 2016

What’s your outcome?

  • Weight: 281
  • BP: 128/82

puppy was talking to his Miss last night, and this question arose after a spate of conversation.  When puppy answered the question, as he always does, he answered it honestly, saying that in the future, he wanted to be with Miss, by her side, and contributing and building a future with her, not necessarily completely enmeshed in BDSM, but certainly a power exchange relationship, with her in the lead as the Alpha.  That’s truly where puppy wants to be, and feels that he needs to be.  Of course, given current circumstances, that’s not going to be a reality for many years.

When puppy reversed the question to Miss, she answered it differently.  A bit more vague, but certainly just as honest as puppy.  She said “To be happy and to be able to just be me.” puppy replied that it was a bit vague, and lacking in detail.  Miss replied (quite correctly) that the future can’t be predicted, so there’s no way to really understand where we’re going to be tomorrow, much less next week or beyond.  Will just have to take the days as they come and continue to work towards the goals that we’ve set for ourselves, and get to where we both want to be.

Miss and puppy are very different, but in many ways we mesh together very well.  puppy is older than Miss, has been in the scene for far longer (30 plus years versus a year or two) and has lived the life, as well as spent many years in BDSM relationships.  In a manner of speaking, puppy is Miss’s mentor, and probably will be for the balance of their time together.  To puppy, that’s not a bad thing.  Miss will learn, and will use her knowledge in developing puppy in being the submissive that she wants and wishes him to be.  puppy finds that to be very comforting, and the building will happen over time, and will eventually shift from online to corporeal, and finally probably be completely offline, with the exception of munches and play dates, for the mutual enjoyment of both.

In the long run, puppy believes things will turn out for the best.  Just have to get there.  Together.

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