A calming effect

  • Weight: 282
  • BP: 128/80

puppy had a rough day at work today.  It was one of those “if anything could go wrong, will go wrong” sort of days.  We’ve all had them.  Started out not so good, and went worse from there.  Spinning wheels, and getting nowhere fast is about the best puppy could describe it as.  For the last few weeks, the new store manager has been cutting labor hours, and it’s been having a negative effect on the workplace, as well as the workforce.  Departments are becoming undermanned because of a lack of hours, and yet the workload continues, or just gets worse, and there seems to be no end in sight.  puppy understands what’s happening, as he’s been in a similar situation, at the last company he worked at.  When management needs to cut costs, one of the first places they look at is the labor force.  Instead of cutting at the top, where the upper level management are making hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of dollars, they cut at the bottom, making a bad situation worse, and don’t think anything about it.  One would think that after doing this for so many years someone would understand this is a bad idea, but it never seems to happen.  Always seems to be better to cut at the labor force to create capital, and then give it away in bonuses to the guys at the top.

Anyway.  puppy’s day was getting quite stressful.  By the time lunch rolled around, puppy was in a proper tizzy.  He had made his lunch the night before, and brought it with him to the workplace.  While consuming his lunch, he texted his Miss and she was available to talk, which is always a nice thing.  Whenever puppy can interact with her, it just makes things much better, she has a way of being a calming influence on puppy and without fail she always makes him smile.

Today though, Miss insisted that puppy tell her why he was stressed, and being a dutiful pup, he did so.  What Miss said next speaks volumes to puppy about how wonderful she is, and just how much puppy values her.

What I want my puppy to do is when he starts to feel taken advantage of and overworked feel my hands petting his head, scratching his ears, slowly petting down his back easing his body tensions as I whisper in his ear puppy’s day is almost done..

Kissing his forehead..

Feeling my hands just move where ever they wish all over my puppy’s body..

And when my puppy is doing his not so fair amount of work and his fellow co-workers see him doing this with a satisfied smile on his face they will wonder and envy him..

As well as comfort my puppy and get him through the rest of his day..

It really, really did the trick for puppy.  Granted the rest of the day wasn’t a bunch of peaches and cream, but thinking about Miss doing those things made it much easier to deal with.

Just very nice to know there’s someone out there, that can have this sort of calming effect on puppy, someone that is always looking out for him and is going to be there for him, just as he’s going to be there for her.