October 17, 2016

Cooking to Relationships, a comparison of sorts

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puppy generally doesn’t have a set thing that he writes about daily, he thinks about what he wants to write, and then in the evening (for the most part) he puts pixels to screen.  Tonight while puppy was boiling eggs for dinner (soup & sandwich) he was thinking about what he wished to write, and came up with a comparison of cooking, to relationships.

When one wishes to cook, one needs to have the proper tools, ingredients, and of course the know-how to create whatever it is one wishes to make.  For the most part, people have a recipe to follow, something that has been tried more than a few times, tweaked, experimented with, ingredients added, subtracted, altered if you will before they come up with the finished product that they like. It takes more than a little bit of time to go from a basic concept to the acceptable finished product.

In much the same way, a relationship requires the proper ingredients, the proper know-how of which way to proceed, understanding that like a souffle, things take time to implement, and don’t always work out the way one expects from the beginning. Having the proper tools is important as well, prior experience can be a boon, and the finished product doesn’t always come out the way that one thought it would from the beginning.  No two relationships are going to be alike, they all have their pitfalls, and sometimes they crash and burn, in spite of one’s best efforts to alleviate it.  No one can certainly predict how it is going to come out, as the ingredients (people) are always going to be different.

One thing that both relationships and cooking have in common is the need for patience.  Just like in cooking, when one wishes to ‘temper’, and eggs are involved, one uses the hot liquid a little at a time, so the cook doesn’t end up with scrambled eggs instead of the custard.  A little bit of patience, and one will get the expected result in due time.

Bon appetit!