October 16, 2016

The journey is long and arduous, and not for the faint hearted..

  • Weight: 282
  • BP: 128/84

puppy was going through Fetlife this morning, and noticed that Miss had posted a picture. image2While it’s an interesting idea or concept, puppy really doesn’t agree with it.  If only one side ever did all the pursuit, then that would be the way that it would be done from time immemorial, there would never be an option of doing it another way.  Pursuit and interest is a 2 way street, if both sides aren’t participating, then perhaps there’s no chemistry and things aren’t likely to work when the real nuts and bolts of a relationship are engaged.  There are many priorities for us all these days, and in life.  One cannot do all of one and none of the other, it just doesn’t work like that anymore.  There are multiple responsibilities, everyone has them and they all have to be dealt with, engaged and overcome.

Certainly, in a perfect world, this would be the case.  Unfortunately, we all don’t live in that perfect world.  We have to make our own world, and do it with the people that we connect with, enjoy the company of, and can successfully interact with.