October 15, 2016

A day like any other

  • Weight: 283
  • BP:  128/85

Nothing terribly special happened today, other than it was frosty when puppy went to work, and he had to scrape the windshield of the car before heading out.  Once at work, things went pretty well for the most part, there were some hiccups, but at the end of the week, there always seem to be.  puppy’s department head is going to be on vacation starting Monday, so there will be someone else in charge in his absence (not puppy thank goodness!)  puppy has worked in different departments over the years in retail, and even did a stint for a couple of years as a department head himself, and he has to say, he’s actually happier when someone else is in charge.  Easier just to follow orders, allow someone else to ‘take the heat’ and if puppy is asked for his opinion, to offer it.  It’s not that puppy couldn’t do it; he certainly has on many occasions, he’s just more comfortable in the subordinate role.  Some were made to lead, some were made to follow.

In the last 10 days, there has been a change in the hierarchy at the top level of puppy’s employment, and after a little grace period, the new head honcho is starting to throw his weight around.  Certainly one thing that he’s been doing lately is cutting hours left and right.  It doesn’t effect puppy, since he’s a full-time employee, he’s going to get his 40 hours, no if’s and’s or buts.  That’s definitely one good thing about being in a union, at least it’s not just puppy there.  If there’s a problem, there’s a process in place to use in case of emergency, and there’s representation.  On the store level, and other levels above that if needs be.

When puppy first started out in his industry, he worked at a place that didn’t have a union, and it seemed ok for the most part.  puppy didn’t miss it, he was offered a full time position, he didn’t have to post for it.  After puppy moved from where he lived, he had to join his first union in order to work at the store he was hired at, and it seemed like a waste of resources, since he had to pay dues every week; and there seemed to be little that he was getting back for the monies that were being removed from his paycheck week in, and week out.  It took about 17 years before puppy really needed someone on his side, and when that happened, the union stepped up and spoke for him when no one else seemed interested to.  The union representative was courteous, understanding and offered very good advice instead of just being a mouthpiece for the company that was trying to screw puppy over; even while puppy was out of work for 5 months, at least it seemed that he wasn’t on his own.  If this had occurred when puppy was without a union, he wouldn’t be working still where he is now. He’d be somewhere else, probably making less than he is now.

puppy hasn’t been overly active with the union in other ways, though he supports the candidates that the union supports (for the most part).  puppy hasn’t made up his mind who he’s going to be voting for in the coming election, but puppy is most definitely concerned that Mr. Trump is still contending.  So many people that puppy knows are full on supporting that candidate, and it still boggles puppy that someone that has never been elected to ANY political office can be vying for the President of the United States.  Yes, there have been others that have been elected to that office that have no prior political experience (Washington, Grant, Wilson & Eisenhower immediately come to mind) but at least in the case of some of them, military experience does count a fair amount towards being disciplined in your thinking and having some idea of what you’re going to do when you get elected.  Trump is a mess.  He believes his own press and is going to be on a steep learning curve should he ever be elected.  Too, if he runs the country (or tries to) the way he’s run his businesses, then the whole country is in even more trouble than it seems to be now.  Trump just seems like a bad deal at the poker table.  Inexperienced, a loose cannon, and a hard sell for anyone to follow.  Still and all, puppy can’t see Mrs. Clinton being a lot better.  As former Labor Secretary (under Bill Clinton) Robert Reich has stated more than a few times; Mrs. Clinton would be a good President for the system that’s currently in place.  And that’s about it.

Tomorrow starts a new week.  Hopefully things will go smoothly.  puppy will journal about it even if it doesn’t.