To munch, or not to munch

  • Weight: 283
  • BP: 128/80

puppy has always had a love/hate relationship with things like play parties and munches.  The events that can get puppy out into the BDSM community publicly.  When he was younger, there were no munches locally, or the concept for the most part didn’t exist outside of the larger urban areas.  Too, play parties were organized mostly in large urban areas, as if there were no kinky people in the country.  We now know that’s a bunch of crap, kinky people are everywhere.

Granted, puppy lived in an upscale area of the US, there was a rail hub nearby and he could get to NYC in about 2 hours,  there were organized groups like TES and DomSubFriends.  There were also leather clubs, play spaces like Hellfire as well as lesser known places that are no longer in business.

puppy went to a few munches that weren’t called munches, because the term wasn’t coined til about 10 years later.  He also attended some play parties in NYC and Albany, as well as a few in New Hampshire, at a private home.

Within the last 15 years puppy has gone to several munches near him, even started a couple on his own (with varying results).  This are is a tough nut to crack, since though there are many kinky people, even with a resource like Fetlife, getting people to attend a munch seems quite difficult.  It might be because of the great distances that people have to travel sometimes to get to a venue, it could be apathy, it could be a lot of reasons.

puppy used to go to munches looking for people to hook up with, but lately he’s been going more as a way to network, because for the most part, people that go are already involved with someone else, or aren’t ready to jump into any sort of organized interaction with another, a lot of people go because they’re curious and want to learn.

Anymore, he’s in a quandary about whether or not he should continue to attend the one that he has been favoring lately.  Just not getting the same enjoyment out of it that he once did.  For the most part, he sits and listens, at least as much as he can.  Eats his meal and then leaves in a timely fashion, repeating the process a month later.