October 9, 2016

It’s a pain

  • Weight: 282
  • BP: 133/80

puppy has had intermittent pain in his right wrist for about the last month or so.  Work does exacerbate it, and he’s mentioned it more than once to his GP.  Doctor has suggested wearing a wrist brace when puppy isn’t at work, and taking Aleve for the swelling and pain.  puppy mentioned that he didn’t feel/see any swelling and the doc said “The swelling is on the inside….you can’t see it.” Well, ok  If you say so. You’re the Doc.

puppy has been doing what the doctor suggested, but it’s been having moderate effect.  On days when he’s not torquing his wrist so much it certainly works better, but then there are days like today, when he twisted it in a certain way about 10 am, and it hurt to a varying degree the longer the day wore on.  As soon as puppy got home, he put the wrist brace on, and took 2 Aleve.  Now, as he’s typing this, it feels better, but it still aches some, so puppy is thinking in the coming weeks he might need to see a specialist. Considering that he has Congenital Radioulnar Synostosis, it might not necessarily be Carpal Tunnel Syndrome that he has, it might be a sprain, or even something else entirely.  Just difficult for puppy to ‘diagnose’ since he’s neither a bone specialist or a doctor of any ilk.

Just have to keep an eye on things, and continue to use the wrist brace liberally.