October 8, 2016


  • Weight: 281.6
  • BP: 130/84

There are certain things that puppy can be obsessive about.  One in particular is the house that he grew up in.  He knows that even though he hasn’t lived in it since 1992 (sold it), it will always be the first home he ever had.

puppy's boyhood home

puppy’s boyhood home

This past August, he took his birth mother there, and even though he wasn’t able to get inside (really…really wanted to!), he was able to walk the grounds, and show her where he grew up.  puppy understands that this doesn’t make a lot of sense…how could puppy’s mother not know where puppy grew up.  The answer is fairly simple, really.

puppy was adopted.  Not going to go into a lot of boring, personal details, but puppy has two sets of parents.  One birth, one adopted.  Of the four people involved, only his birth mother is still living.

Getting back to the topic at hand;  As long as puppy has been away from the house and grounds, he’s been obsessed with checking up on it, visiting it (when he still lived in/near the area) and otherwise keeping tabs on the property.  He’s spent time on Google Earth over the years looking at the changes in the property, and when Google sent their camera cars up into the development for a ‘Street View’ puppy got a glimpse of the way the house has changed as well.

This past August puppy spent about an hour outside of the house, and yes peeking in the windows, even though more than one person suggested that was a little creepy.  puppy understands how some might see it that way, but puppy hasn’t been inside that house since 1992.  When he looked into several of the windows, he could see things that haven’t been changed, like the wood stove in the fireplace that puppy and his father installed in the 1980s, the original cabinets that are in the kitchen, and even the original doors on the house, right down to the doorknobs and doorknockers that weren’t changed.20160829_112147  There were even scratch marks from puppy’s first cat on the door leading into the mud room from the garage.  30 years after they were made..they’re still there!  The house has been sold multiple times, and no one thought to fix it or change it…boggles the mind…or at least it’s very nostalgic to puppy.

puppy right now has the pictures he took of the house and property as his desktop background on his computer at home, they may not stay up for much longer, but puppy sees it every day and remembers the good times that happened there.  Naturally they weren’t all good, but the good always outweighs the bad.  In the future, puppy will have a new place to call home, but this was the first.  And it will always..always hold a special place in puppy’s heart.