October 7, 2016

Doozy of a mistake

  • Weight: 279
  • BP: 128/82

puppy made a big error yesterday.  Actually two of them, only he didn’t realize it until he had set up a second journal for his Miss.  In doing so, he had set up a virtual host on the website he uses for this, but put it in the wrong directory.  After he’d set up the WordPress software, he went back to this journal and found that it wasn’t there anymore.  The new WordPress journal was sitting in it’s place..and then was the time that puppy discovered the second, even bigger mistake.  In his enthusiasm to set up the original journal, he’d installed the software overtop a website he’d set up 6 years ago.  Going to that web address, again the WordPress software was sitting there, and there was no sign of the old website.  Just like that, poof…gone.  puppy was pretty crushed finding that out, as now he had an empty website, and all the work he’d done on it from all those years ago, was just for naught.

As for the content from this journal, puppy was pretty sure it was still on the web server, just in an odd place.  He’d remembered when he set up the WordPress software, there was some mention of a database where posts are stored; that was separate from the original software, but looking at the directories and sub-directories there was no indication of it. For most of the day puppy searched on the server, and web searched for an answer as to where the content might be.  Just when he was about to give up, he found on a website a mention of something called a MySQL database.  That rang a bell, a big one.  Going back to the web server, sure enough there it was.  Clicking on the MySQL database link, there was a sub-directory that he’d found earlier in the wp-config.php file that was from the journal, and in it…yes!  puppy’s content!

Took a bit of time to resurrect things, as there were a lot of versions of the posts, had to figure out which were which, as some were half-saved, others only snippets, and still others were the full versions.  Finally though, puppy was able to piece together the posts, and get them re-posted to the journal, in the correct sub-directory this time, and for good measure changed the theme so it looks a little more readable.  Before it was on a blue background, now it looks like a journal.

This morning puppy was quite despondent about the whole thing, especially about the lost website.  Tonight, things look a little brighter.  It reminded puppy of a conversation in the movie “Batman Begins” between a young Bruce Wayne, and his father Thomas.  Later on in the movie, it’s reiterated between Alfred and a now grown up Bruce.

Thomas Wayne: “Why do we fall, Bruce?”, “So we can pick ourselves up.”

Miss was helpful in showing puppy this simple truth.  Thank you Miss.