October 2, 2016

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

  • Weight: 283.0
  • BP: 130/80

Yes, the title of this entry is a U2 song, but it doesn’t have anything to do with either Northern Ireland or bloodshed of any sort. Actually, the term ‘bloody’ would be in reference to the British intensifier, rather than anything else. “Bloody brilliant”, instead of just “Brilliant.”

Sundays by and large aren’t the best days of the week for puppy. Generally they’re a slog, because it’s the first day of the new sales week, and items that are on sale have to be taken off sale; the new items that are going to be on sale for the coming week have to be re-tagged, displays have to be adjusted, built, reconfigured and all of this has to be done in a matter of about 2-3 hours, while customers are milling around expecting everything to have been done overnight, since not a one of them have a clue or concept about what happens in a grocery store over the course of any given day. They want what they want, and typically, they expect it yesterday.

Too, Sundays are short staffed, so it adds to the stress load. And as always, there are screw-ups, items don’t arrive, or don’t arrive in the proper quantities, some items are priced incorrectly and have to be checked, rechecked and sometimes triple checked to be sure that they’re working correctly in the registers. Finally, the signage that comes down from corporate is generally half-assed, so our department has to dovetail (join) neatly with the scan department, so we can get the proper signs made, displayed and within sight of the sheep customers, so the ones that forgot their weekly printed ads have some semblance of what we’re attempting to tease them with, and direct them to buy from us this week. Oh yes, and they need to be done by at the latest 10 am, else store management starts to get pissy about it.

When puppy used to use a pedometer to keep track of his walking, on a typically average day he’d end up walking about 7-8 miles. On a Sunday, that gets upped to somewhere around 11-12 miles, so when puppy gets home, he’s pretty tired.

Today was a fairly typical Sunday, except that it came on the heels of a truly horrendous Saturday. Puppy was fairly certain that it was going to be exactly what it was, and with Miss’s assistance, got to bed on time, and come wakey time, he was ok and got to work in good stead. There was a marathon scheduled this morning, and fortunately puppy was able to get to the store in spite of the impediments in the way for the runners that were going to be on the course in a couple of hours (start for the marathon was around 8 am).

Arriving at the department the next few hours were a whirlwind of headaches, solutions, minor annoyances and scattered triumphs. Things actually went more smoothly than puppy expected, and he was able to get his lunch on time. When that occurs, puppy knows it’s going to be sort of ok. There have been Sundays when he didn’t get to lunch until almost 1, and that’s a good 6 1/2 hours after he started his shift.

Come lunchtime he was able to text to Miss for a few minutes, that’s always a bright point for puppy’s day. It’s a calming bit of time when there’s no stress, he can talk about whatever and he’s able to find out how she is, and she asks about his day, as well as chides him about what he’s eating right or not as the case may be. Since puppy was able to pack his lunch today, he was able to tell her that and got a “good boy” out of it.

As Miss pointed out, puppy was at the midpoint of his day, and it was generally considered to be all downhill from that point. Miss was spot on, and the afternoon seemed to go better than the morning. Soon enough it was time to go, and puppy felt better at being the end of the day, being able to reconnect again with Miss and find out how her day was going. Upon getting home, puppy was able to converse again with Miss, show her the pictures that he’d taken of the things she wished to see, and she got to pick out which flogger she’s going to borrow from puppy to practice with. puppy thought it was rather cute when Miss said “how long can I borrow the flogger for?” Since learning how to use the flogger is a necessary step in her learning curve, puppy believes she should have it as long as it takes. Too, puppy would like her to have a good basic understanding of how the flogger works, feels in her hand and so on, so having a fairly good quality one in hand for practice seems like a good idea.

puppy’s wife had been out for the day with a friend, so puppy actually had the house to himself for a few hours upon getting home. Vegged for a little time on the couch, and even napped for about 30-45 minutes before she returned. puppy had leftovers for dinner, and will be going to bed soon, after reconnecting with Miss and seeing how her day went. Tomorrow is another day, though there was a slight change in puppy’s schedule; seeing as it’s only going to be puppy and the department manager tomorrow, he’s going to be starting a half hour later than he normally does, and finishing a half hour later. Not too much of a difference, but different enough to mention.