October 1, 2016

Hell of a Day

  • Weight: 282.8
  • BP: 135/84

When someone comes home from work, if they happen to have a spouse, significant other, or whatever, the typical response when one sees the other is to ask “How was your day?” For puppy, it’s really not very different, as Miss does ask the same thing.

Puppy’s day wasn’t very great. It started out ok, puppy managed to get to bed at a decent hour the night before, his CPAP worked ok and he has been adding water to the humidifier attached to it, as puppy has been suffering from a stuffy nose for the last few weeks. Puppy slept soundly and woke up when the alarm went off at 6:15 am. As puppy does, he went to the bathroom, taking his Samsung Galaxy tablet with him, so he can wish Miss a good morning, and check on things on Fet, play a little Boom Beach and so on, since Miss isn’t always awake when puppy gets up. Depends on when either of them awakens, mostly. Puppy had an assignment the night before, send Miss his work schedule for the coming week, as well as forward an email that hadn’t been received when it was sent earlier in the week. Puppy did so, and went to bed thinking everything was ok.

The message app that puppy and Miss uses tells one or the other when someone is online, typing and so on, and puppy got a notification that Miss was online. She sent puppy a message, saying that the email puppy sent last night wasn’t received….again. As it turns out, puppy had been sending things to the wrong email address, he’d forgotten to update his address book in Thunderbird, and it was still using an older, deleted address. Bad puppy…though he went downstairs and corrected the problem, it sort of got the day started on a bad foot. Since puppy spent a good amount of time correcting his error, it threw off his routine and he had to scramble a bit to get to work on time…but didn’t have time to make his lunch, which he’d been meaning to….so he went to work without it.

Upon getting to work, one of the assistant managers asked puppy about a display that should have been built 3 weeks ago, it was part of a promotion that the store puppy works for is participating in, and the contest tied in with it ended today. There was supposed to be a picture taken of the display and sent in to corporate. None of this is puppy’s responsibility of course, but he often gets asked about things of this nature, since he’s a member of the department. puppy in this instance answered as honestly as he could, since he wasn’t aware of the promotion (it had never been discussed with him) it seemed better to show ignorance rather than claiming the display had been up the whole time, when it most likely hadn’t. (as it turned out, that decision was for the best, since there had been no display, and wasn’t necessarily going to be one, unless it was absolutely required)

Upon reaching the department, puppy was met by one of his co-workers, who notified puppy about what had happened while he was away for 2 days (scheduled days off). Apparently things didn’t go well (they never do when puppy is off for more than 1 day at a time) and the department had run out of things, and the department manager had overreacted, over ordering on some items and not ordering enough of others, thereby making today’s incoming load way larger than it needed to be, and puppy was going to be partially responsible for dispersing it through the department, onto the sales floor and so on, as well as trying to get his regular work done. Add in that it’s the first of the month, when government assistance checks arrive in the mail, and everyone and their cousin is going to be shopping. So in comparison to the last couple days that had been relatively quiet, it was going to be a madhouse in the store for most of the day.

And on it went from there. Trying to keep up, customers with attitude galore and very little patience, it was like a very large non-consensual beating…and it didn’t let up much at all. The only upshot was that time went by rather quickly, the few times puppy looked at the clock, hours seemed like minutes. He got his lunch period a little after noon, and since he’d been unable to make his lunch to take with him, he had his customary piece of pizza, cupcake and bottle of ice tea. For awhile when puppy had lunch he would drink 16 oz of water flavored with MiO, puppy is partial to the cherry/blackberry, fruit punch and orange/vanilla flavors, they’re not terribly expensive but they make water taste more palatable. puppy used to drink a lot of soda, but for the last couple of years he’s just been staying away from that, so that he doesn’t blow up like a fat balloon. That being said, he still needs to work on weight loss and eating better, the whole idea of packing a lunch was keeping with that concept. Puppy is going to try to do better with that in the future.

During the afternoon, there was an incident that occurred near puppy that had him rather concerned. A mother and her mentally challenged son were in the store shopping, and while the mother was asking puppy about the differences between one type of ground beef and another, the son had some sort of episode. He was standing off to the side, and screaming rather loudly, and would start pummeling himself in the face with his fists. His mother wasn’t paying him any mind, as if this was the most normal thing that her child could be doing. I asked if she needed anything, if he was all right and she just said quite non-chalantly “He’s ok, he’s just vying for attention.” It didn’t seem to puppy that he was vying for anything, it almost seemed like he was going to knock himself out if he continued with what he was doing. puppy called for one of the assistant managers, because if puppy were to try to take down the kid, it might have gone badly, since puppy wasn’t aware of the kid’s issue, and taking him down might have been the wrong thing to do. The manager came along, puppy gave him a quick run down and went back to work. Soon after there was more commotion, and at least the police weren’t called. puppy does hope the young man ended up being ok…or what suffices for ok in his instance.

Getting down toward the end of the day was a bit of a relief, as puppy was getting rather tired and wanted to be going home. Tomorrow isn’t going to be any better, since there’s going to be less help, more work and it’s a Sunday, and Sundays aren’t a picnic by any stretch of the imagination. Puppy has already seen the price change list, there’s going to be 270 pieces on the fresh load, the frozen load from today still hasn’t been worked and Monday is going to be even worse. So all in all, it’s going to be stress, on top of stress, with a stress chaser. Though puppy always manages to get through it all. One headache at a time, as he often says.

Upon returning home, puppy was able to unwind a bit, lay on the couch and veg for a little while, before needing to take Oliver the Cockatiel upstairs and start dinner. It’s been raining off and on for most of the day, which of course reminds puppy that he needs to set aside time for cleaning more in the garage, so he can get the car in for the winter. Not quite to the point where he can put the lawn mower up for the winter, so that has to be accessible, but the rototiller can be stored as it’s no longer needed. puppy needs also to sort some of the items in the garage, and now that he has his storage unit available again, he can start moving things back to it, and spend some time over the winter sorting it and bringing things to the house, cataloging some of the items for Miss to look over, and decide what needs to stay and what needs to go. It’s been far too long since puppy has had an idea of what all is in storage, and he continues to pay the monthly storage fee regardless.

puppy can see he’s rambling, but that’s a synopsis of how the hellish day went. He only hopes tomorrow is a little better. Fingers, toes and paws crossed on that one.