October 2016

Halloween. Y’know..for the kids!

  • Weight: 281
  • BP: 130/82

Dear Miss,

Here it is; another All Hallows Eve.  Or for those that are in the know, the 499th anniversary of Reformation Day.  The day when people young and old dress up, the young ones go out collecting candy from the neighbors and the older ones “oo and ahh” over the bevy of typical costumes, along with some of the ones that are more timely; depending on what movies have been shown this past summer.

When your boy was a little tyke, he was sort of into Halloween, just not so much the dressing up part.  He could never figure out what he wanted to dress up as, so left it to his parents to decide as kids are known to do.

Even now, 40 years later, your boy isn’t really big on the whole Halloween thing.  Like Christmas  & Thanksgiving it’s all become too commercialized.

Happy Halloween regardless, Miss.


Dream interpretation…

  • Weight: 280
  • BP: 131/84

Dear Miss:

generally anymore when your boy and you part company for the evening, you say “good night my boy, dream of me…” and your boy either does, or doesn’t in the course of the sleep period.  Sometimes he dreams of you, sometimes he dreams of other things.  Last night he had a rather weird dream, and he will attempt to relate it to you.  So here goes:

boy was in a place that he didn’t really remember ever being before, but he was restrained face down on a padded table of some sort.  The dominant that was playing with him never saw their face, or could even be sure of the gender of the dominant.  That didn’t really seem to be pertinent to the dream anyway.  What was very pertinent was the needles.  Whoever the dominant was, they seemed to have a infinite supply of needles, of varying gauges, and they were being used on your boy’s skin.  Very deftly as he could feel each one of them going in and under the skin, poking out the other side in various designs.  Over the course of what seemed to be several hours, needle after needle was being placed, and your boy wasn’t being able to move too much, since he was restrained on the padded table by institutional style restraints, similar to what he has in his toy collection.

When the dominant was finished with the play, the curtain was drawn back and your boy was placed on display for a lot of people in an audience that was (up to that point) concealed.  There were oohs and ahhs from the assembled people, and at that point your boy was squirming, since he couldn’t see you anywhere.  He was definitely missing you, and wondering why you hadn’t been involved in the scene.  Right at the point where he was feeling the most vulnerable, he woke up to the sound of his alarm.

As your boy had said, it was a rather weird dream.  Certainly something that your boy hadn’t dreamed about before, and your boy doesn’t have a great deal of experience with needle play of that stripe.  Not really sure what boy’s subconscious was trying to impart with that, perhaps it was just messing around and that was what it had come up with for last night.  Perhaps tonight it will resume.  Your boy has had dreams that have spanned several nights before…for whatever reason.  It’s possible that’ll happen tonight.  Wait and see?


Enough already!

  • Weight: 280
  • BP: 130/81

It’s now been 5 days since your boy had 2 teeth extracted, and there’s still a fair amount of pain in the gum area where they came out.  boy is still taking the amoxicillin that was prescribed when he went back on Wednesday for a check-up, but unlike the other antibiotic that he took for the abscess 3 weeks ago, the pain didn’t go away after 36 hours.  It’s persistently hung on, so your boy has been taking 800 mg of Ibuprofen every time the pain becomes a little unbearable.  Hoping against hope that something is going to give by Monday, when he needs to call the dentist back with an update.  When he went on Wednesday, they said there wasn’t a sign of a return of the abscess, but the gum tissue had been ‘rough’ and it needed time to heal.

boy has been continuing with the post surgical salt water rinsing, as well as trying to chew only on the other side of his mouth, but as you know that’s not always simple, as he doesn’t have a lot of teeth on that side either.  The gum on the upper jaw is getting painful as well, so your boy has been mainly eating soft things, and not taxing the healing section on the right side.  That’s getting a little tiresome as well.

Your boy just wants this over and done with.


  • Weight: 281
  • BP: 130/82

puppy hasn’t been feeling very puppy`ish lately, what with the situation with his teeth over the course of the week.  Miss on many occasions has referred to puppy as ‘My boy’, and perhaps that’s how she sees him.  Since puppy isn’t really a puppy-boy, doesn’t really identify with animal type play, it could be entirely possible that he’s more a ‘boy’ than a ‘puppy’.  To be sure, when Miss and he were just starting to converse, he didn’t refer to himself by his first name, that seemed to be the wrong way to refer to himself, and just one day started using the name ‘puppy’.  Miss saw that puppy was doing that and began doing it as well.  There wasn’t any sort of ‘approval’ that puppy saw, she just started following along with the way that puppy talked about himself, with the exception of her rule about not speaking about himself in the first person, speaking about himself in the third. “puppy does this, or puppy sees himself in that way” instead of using terms like “I, me, my” etc.

When puppy first met Miss, she had another submissive, he was referenced as ‘baby boy’, but he wasn’t a baby in any sense of the word.  Sure he was looking for a mothering type, but he wasn’t into infantilism, or baby play.  Still, she referred to him as ‘baby boy’ and he referred to himself in that fashion, much as puppy now refers to himself as puppy.  It’s a name as well as a title, but not necessarily a description.

Just trying to know where one’s head is at.  And who one is.  Oddly enough, it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Talking to yourself

  • Weight: 281
  • BP: 130/81

puppy has been writing in this journal now for a little over a month, but with little to no feedback, it’s hard sometimes to know that what he’s saying is getting through to the right one.  Sure, for a little while there was a lot of spam coming through, as one entry was found by someone and used as a link for spammers to try to get their advertisements pushed out somewhere…though in a space like this it wouldn’t mean a whole lot, but spammers don’t care about that.

For the most part, it feels like puppy is talking to himself.  Yes, there’s one comment from his Miss, but that was something that puppy posted himself.  So there’s been virtually no commentary from anyone.  So again it seems like an internal conversation that puppy is carrying on with himself.  A little like the probes that have been sent out by NASA.  The Voyager 1 & 2 probes have been traveling since 1977, and haven’t been transmitting data for the last couple of years, since there’s not sufficient power on board to send anything, not to mention since they’re long past transiting any planetary body, there’s not much to phone home about.  Still, they’re moving along at a good clip, and carry on board information so that anyone (or anything) that finds them can understand where they came from, and what life was like on the little blue orb that they originated from.

Sometimes it’s like being in an echo chamber.  Knowing that the message is getting out, but not sure what sort of impact it’s having.  Kind of like that.