A Case of Writer’s Block

  • Weight: 282.8
  •  BP: Not measured today

puppy has been thinking all day about what to write here in this entry.  There have been several ideas running through his head from time to time during the day, should he write about an order that was made last Friday, that he needs to address in the next couple of days, or perhaps he should write about some of the other things running through his head in accordance with what is occurring in his life.  Miss said that this journal is a way for her to see into puppy a bit better, to get a feeling of his thought processes, how puppy thinks, and the more he can ‘<em>let his hair down'</em> the better she can get a feeling of him, and understand how he thinks, reasons and not have to ask so many questions when it comes time to predict what puppy might do, might say, or might act in the future.

puppy doesn’t always manage to have a case of writer’s block, but it appears to be the case right now.  Perhaps a bit of sleep will help to break the block, because the words are just not coming.