Not Quite the Beginning…

One wonders sometimes where to begin.  Since this really isn’t the beginning, that started oh so very long ago, and is a story for another time.

 puppy has been required by his Miss to keep a journal, he’s permitted to decide what to put in it, but it must be kept day to day, every day.  puppy does tend to get verbose sometimes, but not always.  Consequently there are going to be entries that go on and on, and others that tend to <em>‘toe the line’</em> when it comes to length.

For now, so far as puppy is aware, he has an audience of one.  His Miss.  Perhaps in time there will be others added to the audience, that’s a decision that puppy leaves up to her.  In time she will be making more of the decisions, such is the nature of a Dominant/submissive relationship.  It’s a power shift, and one that puppy understands pretty well.  That being said, it’s been awhile since puppy has experienced it from the submissive side, so he’s got a lot of remembering, and relearning to do.  And learning new things, as there always are.

 puppy and Miss hit a small hiccup yesterday, when Miss decided to keep something from puppy, since he was at work, and it upset him a bit that she decided in that manner.  puppy expressed himself to her, that he’s an adult, and deserves to know things about his Miss’ well being.  Yes, she decided not to say anything until far after the fact, attempting to spare puppy from undue worry, but puppy was worrying anyway, since her communication appeared to be less than normal and that made puppy wonder why.  All in all, it turned out that there were things that needed discussing, and were discussed, and a better understanding was put in place; Miss can of course keep things from puppy as she wishes to, but her well being, just as puppy’s should be communicated as needed, not hid for fear of one or the other becoming overly concerned.

 Miss has been having some ongoing health problems, and that has been concerning puppy to some degree.  While puppy was required to detail last evening what ails him, Miss hasn’t necessarily done the same thing for puppy.  puppy is aware of the asthma, the nicotine addiction, some other aches and pains, but hasn’t really been brought it full circle to what ails his Miss.  Hopefully in time Miss will give puppy a similar list, so he has an idea of what to look out for in the future.  To puppy that seems important.

 puppy is never really sure what to write, how much to reveal, though he understands in time he’s supposed to reveal everything…and he will, now is just apparently about putting his thoughts into words, and then writing them down.  supposedly they don’t always have to make sense.  ramblings, musings and the like.

 there will be more tomorrow…about what puppy isn’t sure, but he trusts the process and he trusts his Miss.